Sapphire single crystals

Blue sapphire crystals

Large single crystals of Blue Sapphire grown by the Method of Horizontal Directed Crystallization (dimensions 250 x 150 x 20-30 mm). These crystals are engrained homogenously throughout the whole crystal volume. Spectral transmissions of our and Australian Blue Sapphire crystals are identical.


high melting point, extremely hard and resistant to abrasion, low dielectric constant - excellent electroinsulating properties, low friction coefficient, shock resistant, high refractive index, broad optical transparency (from UV to IR), chemically inert and stable


optics, optoelectronics, micro-electronics, semiconductors, epitaxial structures, chemical industry, blanks, special windows, substrates, rods, ribbons, components of machinery and equipment, such as scanners, compasses, gyroscopes, water and electrical meters, relays and watches (exposed to severe mechanical stress and /or abrasion) and other special applications.

Blue sapphire crystals
Blue sapphire crystals

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