History and company team background

BBT-Materials Processing, s.r.o. ( Ltd. )

BBT-Materials Processing, s.r.o. ( Ltd. ) (established in 1995) follows some of the business and research activities of „Cestmir Barta, BBT - Materials Processing, Crystal Science & Technology Institute“ (established in 1991). Its staff consists of scientists and engineers which originally came from the Institute of Physics, University of Chemical Technology, Czech Technical University and other universities and academic institutions.

The knowledge and skill of the BBT´s staff is based on the extensive long-term experience (from 1969) namely in the field of:

  • crystal growth processes and solidification of melts and gases (Calomel, Sapphire)

  • development and manufacturing of programmable crystallizers, furnaces and other devices namely for the material science both for terrestrial and space applications (MIR, Foton, ISS)

  • material science experiments in microgravity conditions on board Salyut and MIR and in Short-term micro-gravity environment in the Drop Tower in Bremen or using parabolic flights of special airplanes

  • activities in the programme INTERKOSMOS and in the Czech Laboratory for the International Preparation of Material-Science Space Experiments

  • digital image analysis

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