History and company team background

Scientific & business contacts

  • DLR-MUSC - Microgravity Users Support Center, Cologne, Germany (K.Wittmann, R.Naehle, R.Roestel, ….) Solidification of eutectic systems in micro-gravity, development of special H/W and S/W

  • Kayser Threde, Ltd., Munich, Germany (Dr.Hoffmann, Dr.Sickinger) Development of special H/W and S/W

  • STIL - Space Technology (Ireland), St. Patrick`s College, Maynooth, Ireland, (Academic Professor S. McKenna-Lawlor, D.Gleeson) Development of new devices suitable for space applications

  • ZARM, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany (Professor H.J. Rath, H.Dittus) Short-term micro-gravity environment in the Drop Tower Bremen - study of solidification of multi-component melts

  • Tufts Univ., Medford, Massachusetts, USA (Prof. K.A. McCarthy) Physical properties of solidified materials

  • Univ.of Bonn, Inst.of Mineralogy, Bonn, Germany (Dr.F.Wallrafen) Characterisation and geometrical ordering of microstructures

  • RKK Energia, Moscow, Russia (Dr.Berzhatiy, Dr.S.Savin), Space technology

  • FOTON, Central Specialised Design Bureau, Samara, Russia (Dr.Abraskin) Space technology

  • Inst.of Crystal Growth, HU-Berlin, Germany (Dr.Hartmann, Dr.Koenig) Material science in Space

  • Otto-Schott Inst.of Glass Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller Univ., Jena, Germany (Dr.Reiss) Material science in Space

  • Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany Development of special H/W & S/W

  • Univ.of Chemical Engineering, Prague (Dr.Holecek, Dr.Vojtech, Dr.Brozek) Space experiments

  • Inst. of Mineralogy, Bonn Univ., Germany (Dr.Wallrafen) Crystal growth

  • Renssealer Polytechnic Inst. (RPI), Troy N.Y., USA (Prof.Glicksmann, Dr.Koss) Crystal growth and applications

  • For many years we had very fruitful co-operation with:
       - Clarkson Univ., USA, Professor L.L.Regel

  • ESA, Microgravity experiments, space devices development and manufacturing

  • FASTLITE, France: acousto-optics

  • A&A, France: acousto-optics

  • etc.

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